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Chorus Performance by 4th & 5th Graders at Maplewood's Dickens Village | 12/1

Dickens Village is a display in Maplewood town during the holiday season, and located at Ricalton Square and Maplewood Avenue. The display is set up in front of the Maplewood Train Station Parking Lot (across the street from the movie theater).


We are proud that Jefferson School 4th & 5th Grade Chorus will be performing on Saturday, December 1st.


5th Grade Chorus will sing at 2:00 pm. (Arrive at 1:30-1:45)
4th Grade Chorus will sing at 3:15 pm. (Arrive at 2:45-3:00)


Important Information:

  • Return the Permission Slip to me as soon as possible. You can bring it to the auditorium, put it in my mailbox, or give it to your teacher.
  • Know the lyrics and melodies as well as you possibly can.

    Here is a link to my website with the lyrics to the songs. The more you know the more comfortable you’ll feel and the more fun you’ll have!

  • If you have a sibling in another grade, you can come together to one performance rather than to both if it’s easier for you. Whichever time you choose is fine.
  • Wear whatever you choose but dress warmly! We’ll be outside for the entire event.
  • I will give you a piece of tinsel and a safety pin a few days before the event. On the day of the performance, pin your tinsel anywhere on your jacket before you arrive, so that you will be identified as a chorus member. If you lose it, or don’t want to wear it, it’s no problem!
  • Be ready to perform your best. Stand quietly and calmly in the correct place, and make sure that you can see me. You’ve worked hard and sound great, so let it show!
  • You are a guest at this event. You are welcome to enjoy Dickens Village before or after singing (with your adult), but know that excellent behavior is expected the entire time you are there!
  • If you are served refreshments and treats, please wait your turn, and then say “thank you”. Please take only one serving of whatever treats are offered so that there are enough for everyone.
  • Make sure that you put trash into garbage cans so that our town will stay beautiful!

There are activities going on at the Dickens Village each weekend. Enjoy singing and have fun! Make me, yourself, your family, and your school proud! 


Mrs. Yesowitz


For more information about Jefferson School's Music Program and other upcoming performances, click here



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