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Slapstick Science integrates STEM program at Jefferson

Before the nor’easter arrived on Thursday afternoon, Slapstick Science came to Jefferson School on Thursday morning for a well-received science assembly with Ted Lawrence and his alter ego, Dr. Quenton Quork.


Hoisting 200 pounds (like teachers) over their heads, lifting 1000 pounds of classmates, or throwing the portly Dr. Quork eight feet high is simply a matter of understanding kinetic energy, potential energy, friction, and simple machines like pulleys, levers, and screws are demonstrated.


Born to teach, Ted was certified to teach chemistry, physics, and math after majoring in Electrical Engineering at the University of Vermont. He graduated from the Ringling Clown College in '86, toured with the circus for two years. With Slapstick Science, he combined both!

Check out the photos and videos from Slapstick Science at Jefferson School here

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