Each lunch period at Jefferson is 55 minutes long with 30 minutes for eating and 25 minutes for recess.  The first lunch period begins at 11:00 a.m.  



During recess, students may use the playground equipment, play four-square, kickball, jump rope, basketball, or walk on the path.  For inclement weather, students will remain inside in classrooms, the library, auditorium, gym, or other designated locations for their class.  There are different kinds of board games to play, as well as, word searches or crossword puzzles to complete.  Paper is always available for drawing and coloring.



When the weather is cooperates, Jefferson students participate in “California Lunch” and eat outdoors at the picnic tables located behind our school.  You can send a lunch with your child or buy a District prepared lunch. The District will send home a monthly menu (also available on the website), along with more information about the lunch program.


To pay for lunch in school, Parents/Guardians can send in cash or checks to the school in order to prepay your child’s account, bring cash/checks directly to Columbia High School to fund a lunch account, or open a lunch account through MyPaymentsPlus. A lunch account with MyPaymentsPlus is not required to participate in the lunch program.


Click here to open an account with MyPaymentsPlus



Your child may qualify to receive a District lunch free or at a reduced rate. The forms to qualify for a free or reduced cost lunch will be sent home the first week of school or you can download the form here.


While children are with Lunch Monitors at lunch, it is not possible to monitor what your child eats, or throws away. A helpful strategy is to involve your child in the food selection process. Also, please make sure your child can open his/her lunch containers.






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