The Jefferson Parents & Teachers Association (PTA) is an organization for our community run by our community. As an organization, PTA activities are coordinated largely by Jefferson parents who decide to help the school by volunteering their time and energy to serve on the PTA executive board. The PTA has as its objectives:


  • To provide support and resources to the school for the benefit and educational growth of the children,
  • To develop a cooperative working relationship between the parents and staff of our school,
  • To develop parent leadership and build capacity for greater involvement,
  • To foster and encourage parent participation on all levels, and
  • To provide opportunities and training for parents to participate in school governance and decision-making.


The PTA is led by an executive board, which provides families with the leadership necessary to be active and effective partners with the school. It disseminates information, raises issues and concerns, anchors the school in the community, and represents parent interests. Executive board positions are the only PTA roles that involve elections.  Parents who would like to volunteer in this way can nominate themselves when the elections happen in the spring of each year.


While the PTA is run by the executive board, every parent is welcome to attend and participate fully in virtually all executive board meetings, and nearly every action by the PTA executive board involves consultation and information sharing with parents and guardians at the PTA general membership meetings.  We want to make sure there are ample ways for every parent to discuss things with the board members and help collaborate on big decisions.


All PTA meetings are open to the public and parents are encouraged to attend. For a schedule of this year’s meetings please check our online calendar


Jefferson PTA Executive Board job descriptions

2017 - 2018 Executive Board Members:



Amy Straub


Vice President

Mindy Sinyak



Rhonda Fitzgibbons


Recording Secretary

Sunita Submaranian


Corresponding Secretary

Michele Richman


Vice President of Communications

Cindy Manalo


Co-Vice Presidents of Fundraising

Jennifer Pisani

Chris Hübschmann


Co-Vice Presidents of Events

Cathy Clammer

Suzanne Rowland


Co-Vice Presidents of Cultural Arts

Laura Brendan

Toshie Davis


Vice President of Special Events

Sheri McKinstrie


Vice President of 5th Grade Projects

Laura Chang


Vice President, Website

Bernie Hackler


Vice President, Diversity

Diego Ribadeneira





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